Int. J. Glob. Sci. Res. Volume 5, Issue 1, April 2018 , ISSN (Online) : 2348-8344‏
1. Clean Development Mechanism in Indian Agriculture Sector: Benefits, Current Status, and Challenges
Archana Dash and Nallapaneni Manoj Kumar
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v5.i1.2018.86]
2. A Review on the studies of Zooplankton in the lotic water of India
Vaishno Devi Karra, Jyoti Sharma, Anamika Malav, and Prahlad Dube
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v5.i1.2018.87]
3. Expediency of renewable energy for environmental sustainability in Nigeria
Alice M. Olagunju and Adesina, Abiodun Ezekiel
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v5.i1.2018.88]
4. Application of Thin layer Chromatography for Pesticide Detection in Fish Tissues
Sunita Singh
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v5.i1.2018.89]
5. Studies of Physico-chemical Parameters of Garia Dam Jhansi
Hemant Kumar and Arti Rai
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v5.i1.2018.90]
6. Traditional home made water-filter technique in Chhattisgarh
P. Chandrakar, P. Dubey, S. Kariyare and B. P. Sahariah
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v5.i1.2018.91]
7. Studies on the Avian Diversity in and around Manibugh Wetland of Pampore Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir)
Sajjad-ul-Akbar Wani, S. Ishaque and K. Ahmad
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v5.i1.2018.92]
8. A Study on Thermal Performances of Historic Buildings – A Review
Ar. Supriya Mahesh Patil and Kasthurba A. K.
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v5.i1.2018.93]
9. Impact of Urban Areas on Historical and Archaeological Buildings
Mahmoud Ali Alsubeh and Mahmoud Ali Alsubeh
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v5.i1.2018.94]
10. Cluster analysis among the Maize inbred lines (Zea maysl.) under heat stress condition
Manoj Kandel, Surya Kant Ghimire,Bishnu Raj Ojha and Jiban Shrestha
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v5.i1.2018.95]
11. Growth and Productivity of Wheat as Influenced by Tillage Methods, Mulch and Graded Nitrogen Levels in Chitwan, Nepal
Dhan Bahadur Thapa, Birendra Kumar Bhattachan, Subash Subedi, Jiban Shrestha, Shrawan Kumar Sah, Santosh Marahatta
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v5.i1.2018.96]
12. बुन्देलखण्ड का विन्ध्याचल पर्वत
सत्येन्द्र कुमार प्रजापति
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v5.i1.2018.97]
13. Efficiency of Activated Carbon Prepared from Banana Peels for Treatment of Heavy Metal Ions from Waste Water
Foziah F. Al-Fawzan
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v5.i1.2018.98]